VIII International Scientific Conference «ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF SOLID STATE PHYSICS» (SSP-2018).

Dear colleagues!

We would like to invite you to take part in the conference

VIII International Scientific Conference


Conference Topics

  1. Magnetic materials
  2. Semiconductors, dielectrics, ferroelectrics
  3. Superconductors and metals in specific conditions
  4. Crystal structure defects and crystal properties
  5. Superhard and high-melting materials
  6. Nanotechnology and nanostructured materials
  7. Applied development: advanced materials, products, devices and technologies

The conference program includes: plenary presentations (20 min), section oral presentations (10 min) and poster reports (board size 594×840 mm); exhibition of advanced materials; publication of the conference proceedings book on memory flash sticks and printed hardcopies of the proceedings (for libraries and references, 10 copies)

Conference languages – Russian and English

Important Dates

March 19, 2018 – first conference announcement.
June 15, 2018 – conference registration deadline
June 30, 2018 – second conference announcement with notification of acceptance of contributed reports
September 24, 2018 – arrival day and registration of conference participants
September 25-28, 2018 – start of the conference scientific program

Organizing Committee

General Chair –Fedosyuk V., Scientific Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS Belarus, Minsk
Co-Chairs – Olekhnovich N., Scientific Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS Belarus, Minsk
Co-Chairs –Saiko A., Scientific Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS Belarus, Minsk
Scientific secretary –Mudryi А., Scientific Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS Belarus, Minsk
Deputy scientific secretary – Leonchik S., Scientific Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS Belarus, Minsk
Agabekov V., ICNM NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Anishchik V., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Aplesnin S., Reshetnev SSUST, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Bakouei A., TMU, Tehran, Iran
Belous A., JSK Integral, Minsk, Belarus
Bogatyrev Yu., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Borisenko V., BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus
Chizhik S., Presidium NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Fedaruk R., University of Szczecin, Poland
Fedotov А., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Gaponenko S., BRFFR, Minsk, Belarus
Govor G., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Gordienko A., PEI NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Grabchikov S., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Gremenok V., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Gusev O., BNTU, Minsk, Belarus
Dvurechenskii A., A.V. Rzhanov ISP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Demyanov S., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Emtsev V., FTI, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
Ignatenko O., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Jug G., Università dell'Insubria, Como, Italy
Kalinin Yu., BSTU. Voronezh, Russia
Klubovich V., BNTU, Minsk, Belarus
Komarov F., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Korshunov F., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Kuleshov N., BNTU, Minsk, Belarus
Labunov V., BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus
Laskovnev A., Presidium NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Liopo V., GSU, Grodno Belarus
Makovetskii G., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Malyarevich A., BNTU, Minsk, Belarus
Markevich V., MU, Manchester, UK
Marukovich E., IMT NASB, Mogilev, Belarus
Mironova-Ulmane N., LU ISSP, Riga, Latvia
Myshkin N., V.A. Belyi MPRI NASB, Gomel, Belarus
Nadutov V., IM, Kiev, Ukraine
Naumov N., INC, Novosibirsk, Russia
Odzhaev V., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Orlovich V., Presidium NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Penyazkov O., A.V. Luikov HMTI NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Pilipenko V., JSK Integral, Minsk, Belarus
Poklonskii N., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Popescu A.M., Ilie Murgulescu IPCh, Bucharest, Romania
Rembeza S., VSU, Voronezh, Russia
Rubanik V., ITA NASB, Vitebsk, Belarus
Sobolev N., UA, Aveiro, Portugal
Sobol V., M.Tank BSPU, Minsk, Belarus
Sheleg А., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Shulyakovskii R., IAP NANB, Minsk, Belarus
Troyanchuk I., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Uglov V., BSU, Minsk, Belarus
Vityaz P., Presidium NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Voitovich A., B.I. Stepanov IP NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Yablonskii G., B.I. Stepanov IP NASB, Minsk, Belarus
Yakushev M., Strathclyde University, UK
Yanushkevich K., SPMRC NASB, Minsk, Belarus

Information for Authors

  1. First conference announcement
  2. List of accepted papers (last update 21.06.2018)
  3. Conference program

Paper Submission Guidelines

Materials of the report (up to 3 full pages) should be prepared in Russian or English according to the rules.

Organizing Committee kindly asks authors be carefully in papers preparation. Materials non-conforming to guidelines will be rejected.

Download paper submission guidelines

Conference registration

Dear authors!

In order to avoid duplication of papers please fill the registration form only for ONE OF CO-AUTHORS. Please obligatory attach to registration form the file (in .docx format) of materials of the report.

First Name*

Last Name*

Degree, academic title



Affiliation address*

Phone Number*


Title of the paper*


Participation (please mark)*:

Conference topic (please mark)*:


Dear authors! If you have not received a confirmation mail of receipt of materials of your report, please contact us by phone 8 (017) 2841197 or e-mail

Registration Fees

Registration fees for participants are equivalent of 100 USD (50 USD – for graduate students) should be transferred before September 1, 2018 to the following account:

Bank:Branch №529 “Belsvyaz” ISC “Savings Bank “Belarusbank”, Minsk 220005, Independence av., 56

Account Number:BY45 AKBB 3632 9180 8005 6550 0000 (for BYN);

BY71 AKBB 3632 9180 8020 3550 0000 (RUB);

BY32 AKBB 3632 9180 8012 8550 0000 (USD);

BY33 AKBB 3632 9180 8011 5550 0000 (EURO)



OKPO: 03535138

Attention:transferring the money please specify in the payment order “Registration fees SSP-2018", your Last Name, First Name and Organizing Committee address.

Registration fee could be paid during the conference registration time in Minsk. Please note that payment in this case will be made only in Belarusian rubles (BYN). Official documents on payment will be provided.

As there are no exchange offices nearby to the SPMRC, please change money in advance.v


Organizing Committee Address


Phone numbers:

Organizing Committee:
+375-17-284-12-29 (Mudryi Alexander)
+375-17-284-11-97 (Zhivulko Aliona)

Contact person for registration fees:
+375-17-284-28-00 (Kazak Irina)


E-mail: (This email address available only for organizational issues)


Organizing Committee draw attention that participants arrange hotel accommodation according their own choice

Recommended Hotels:


«Akademicheskaya» Hotel Minsk, Surganova str., 7 (metro station Akademia nauk) +375 (17) 284-27-01
«Agat» Hotel Minsk, Karbysheva str., 25 +375 (17) 263-11-08
«40 Let Pobedy» Hotel Minsk, ул. Азгура, 3 +375 (17) 294-79-63
«Gazprom» Hotel Minsk, F.Skoriny str., 4 +375 (17) 219-19-50; +375 (17) 237-01-16
«Gubernskiy» Hotel Minsk, Osvobozhdenia str., 9 +375 (17) 226-88-80
«Sputnik» Hotel Minsk, Brilevskaya str., 2, +375 (17) 220-36-19
«Tourist» Hotel Minsk, Partizanski av., 81 (metro station Partizanskaya) +375 17 295 40 31, +375 29 195 40 31 (Mobile)


«Orbita» Hotel Minsk, Pushkina av., 39 (metro station Pushkinskaya) +375 (17) 206-77-81
«Monastyrski» Hotel Minsk, Kirilla & Mefodya Str., 6 +375 (17) 329-03-02
«Yubileiny» Hotel Minsk, Pobediteley av., 19 (metro station Nemiga) +375 (17) 226-90-37
Victoria Hotel na Zamkovoy Minsk, Zamkovaja str., 25,
«Minsk» Hotel Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 11 (metro station Ploscha Lenina) +375 (17) 209-90-62/74/75

For accommodation reservation you can also use the service